More about LINKO

What if your team would get a new member? A member who would be fully responsible for your website, so you never have to lose money when your website is down?

Meet a new member in your team Linko – a helpful companion who never rests (yet works fast and with no coffee involved, magic)!

His name is suspiciously similar to the word "link" and his profession would be a professional Artificially Created Being in Charge of your website welfare.

If your business for many parts depends on how good your website operates, don’t leave its functions to the chance, entrust it to Linko!

A story behind
one very helpful robot

The creators of Linko would very much like to tell you a Frankenstein worthy story about an ingenious startup idea that came in "Eureka" moment. Yet the story behind this project is a bit less mundane – we needed a product that was not on the market (or at least not the one we would love).

As the web site and system developers we are creating functional and good-looking websites and our main mission is make our clients happy with the product. But even the best looking, and fully functional website is not generating money if... it's down! Also, mixed content or when search engines give up on indexing your site (due to some unfortunate events) never looks professional! Yet, to fix all the bugs and avoid down times you need to always monitor every single web, and to make a thorough investigation takes a lot of time and resources.

That was a difficult task, maybe even impossible one! Yet we remembered the good old saying "work smart not hard". That is when we created our favorite (don’t worry guys, you are all very special too) team member Linko and gave him a very important mission: to monitor our clients web sites and always warn us when the problem occurred.

And we loved it! The idea of having more time for the important task, not the boring ones, made us ecstatic! It was also a relief knowing that all our websites are always in the best shape was a nice thing to have.

From that day we spent countless hours working on Linko. We added some very useful functions (yet no BS ones – have a look at Linko’s promise!) and with continuous testing our Pet robot Linko grew bigger and stronger. This was when we decided it's time for him to see the world and help other businesses with similar needs! And the rest you already know, you can get this amazing new team member made by a hardworking business just like you!

Why is LINKO so great?

As we are not only the creator but also a user of Linko, we can share our testimonials with you: Linko is an amazing tool!

First of all, it is targeting various problems, such as:
  • Websites uptime, SSL status & Domain health
  • Broken links & Mixed content
  • Redirects status


'All day every day' monitoring

It does anything one part-time member would be doing all day every day, just to make sure that your web is operating properly. And you know what problem would be with a human monitoring those processes? We, humans, can’t work all the time. Not a problem for Linko, his job is constant so you get the information as soon as the problem occurs. The sooner you get this information, the sooner you can solve it! This is especially important if every minute of web downtime costs you money, so make sure your website is monitored all the time!

Smart crawler

What is more, it is a smart crawler, that detects when you have a free server capacity and uses that precious time to scan your website. Forget those regular crawlers who acts like DDOS attacks and crashes your web, we made sure that it never happens with Linko!

Servers in every continent

And your web is not only monitored from one location: we are working so that our servers would be located all over the world so you would have a monitoring form every continent!