Websites monitoring solution

Great website performance with a bit of help from LINKO.

I'm LINKO - a new member on your team, in charge of overall health and performance of your website!

Why LINKO helps so well?

Keep your website healthy

Uptime monitoring

Once a minute your website's availability is monitored from different location worldwide (Europe, US, Asia).

Mixed content audit

Daily website's crawl will report about any errors due to unsecure & mixed content.

Broken links check

Daily website's crawl with report of any broken links LINKO found on the website, like HTTP/400 or HTTP/500.

Domain monitoring

Every 12 hours LINKO will check your domain's expiration date and will report about to you it 14 days before the end time.

SSL health

Once every five minutes LINKO will check the health your website's SSL certificate. It will report back to you as soon as certificate's revocation and expiration date occurs.

Redirects status

Once an hour LINKO will check your website's redirection (is your website's home page http:// redirects to https:// via 301; is your website's home page redirects chain is not too long and more)

Thanks to our tireless IT team, LINKO gets more and more intelligent every day!
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Is it for you?

Do you have a personal or a business website? If so, LINKO is for you!

  • SEO agencies
  • Developers
  • Bloggers

Why should
you trust

  • Smart technologies
  • No credit card upfront
  • Pay as you go
  • Servers in many locations
  • Widespread use


Our crawlers are smart and efficient while working on you website

We have three types of crawling speed:
  • Fast - Crawler performs request every 500ms.
  • Slow - Crawler performs request every 3 seconds.
  • Balanced - Crawler mesasures your website's load, and performs requests depending on how fast your server can handle those requests.
You get reports when

Broken links found
Mixed content found
New links added to your site map
Links gone from site map
Recovered links

By the way, we do not crawl all your website's links at once (we are not DDOS attackers :)), we split them into small chunks and crawl them with a gentle delay.

SSS Promise from Linko

no SPAM, no SLOW website, no SHADY functions!


As busy business people ourselves, we know how annoying those spam emails are. So, our messages are always short, clear and sent only when it is absolutely necessary! If all is good, you will not even know Linko is monitoring your website real time, all the time!

No SLOW website

Who wants a slow website? This is sometimes happening when crawlers are working in spite of how busy your servers are. Linko will do his best to never slow your website down! He will do all those good deeds when you have some free server capacity. Yes, he knows when the time is just right!

No SHADY functions

You know the moment when you are training a new staff member and to some questions you just have to answer, "well we NEVER use this function (not even sure why it exists)". Awkward huh? Also, not that practical, especially if those useless functions cost Your money or Your resources! Therefore, no Shady functions whatsoever!